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The API is a RESTful web service based upon XML and HTTP POST. Currently the API has a limited feature set, with plans to add more functionality over time. The API also provides the basis for any proposed mobile applications. This portal is intended as a resource for developers wanting to use the API. 



The following diagram explains the basic workflow for getting vehicles and prices and adding a booking to the Coach Hire system using the API:



The example above is a typical workflow. In order to get the Vehicle, Luggage and Pricing Options you will need to submit the Journey details. This must include Collection and Destination address and map coordinates. It must also include the Pick Up date and time as well as the Return date and time for a return journey. Of course it must also include the number of passengers.

In addition, you can also use the API to perform the following functions:

  • Get full Job Details by Job ID
  • Query the system to return a range of Jobs matching the search options
  • Delete a Job - subject to certain conditions

Additional functions will be added to the API with details on how to use these functions will be added to this portal.



Process Flow



Every request must be submitted with the App ID and Secret Key. These will be unique to each customer and can only be generated and approved in advance by Coach Hire. For further security, these codes are specific to the customers URL. After the XML request is submitted, it is received and processed by the Coach Hire system. A result status will be returned as well as any requested data.