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Function: Insert Booking

Now that you have gathered the vehicle, luggage, joorney type and price, you are ready to insert a booking to the system. See example below;

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    <name>Customer Name</name>
    <company>Customer Company</company>
    <datetimePickup>03-03-2016 05:00</datetimePickup>
    <datetimeReturn>04-03-2016 16:00</datetimeReturn>
      <address>Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3EN, UK</address>
      <address>LEEDS HILTON, NEVILLE STREET, LEEDS, LS14</address>
    <name>Pax Name</name>

Most of these tags have been covered in previous sections.  However, please note other tags as outlined below;

Tag Format Notes
<customer>   Header tag for customer details
<email> email
The customer email address - required
Customer Name - required
<phoneNumber> string Customer Phone - Optional
<mobileNumber> string Customer Mobile - Optional
<company> string Customer Mobile - Optional
<extRef> string Your Reference - Optional (does not need to be unique)
<passenger>   Header tag for passenger details
<email> email The passenger email address - required
<name> string Passenger Name - required

Data Returned - Insert Booking:

The return code of 200 confirms the booking was successfully added. Where an online price can not be calculated, you will get a message of Insert False and a reason. These bookings will have to be manually dealt with at the present time and the quote is not inserted.

Callback : { 
    "message":"Insert False",
       "WARNING - Maybe over driver hours.",
       "WARNING - Maybe require driver accommodation",
       "WARNING - Maybe over driver hours. (maximum limit is:2)"
Callback : {
    "Insert Finish",