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Function: Get Journey Type

This call will return the valid Journey Types and their Record ID’s. When inserting a job into the system, you must supply a valid Journey Type by specifying the appropriate record ID. Accordingly, you will need to use this API call to get this information. The request for Journey Type does not require any additional parameters.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
     <username>Sandbox User</username>

To break this down: Let'€™s look at each tag and what is required;

Tag Format Notes
<username> string Name of User making request (optional
<getAjaxData> N/A This says the API is requesting some data be returned
<getFor> string This value indicates the data requested is for Pricing

Data Returned - Journey Type:

An example of what is returned from the API is shown below. The code of 200 indicates the call was successful. The count (in this example 8) indicates the number of items or Journey Types available. Note that the Value is an integer and will be used later to insert a job.

Callback : { 
        {"value":"34","name":"Airport Transfer"}, 
        {"value":"30","name":"Business Travel"}, 
        {"value":"36","name":"Club or Society"},